Courthouse Checkpoint Package

Courthouse Checkpoint Package


BV 6045 DV | The most advanced X-ray Baggage Scanner Dual View with A-eye Automated Narcotics Detection Software.
CEIA HI-PE Plus | Enhanced walk-through multi-zone Metal Detector.
CEIA PD240 | Hand-held Metal Detector

Delivered – Installed – 5-year warranty



◙ Dual-view technology proven reliability
◙ Simple interface
◙ A-eye Automated Detection Software
◙ Automatic identification of suspicious objects
◙ Multi-language interface
◙ Quick start-up and shutdown
◙ The fault-tolerant configuration of the system

List of software features available to an operator

Automatically calibrating and normalizing the X-ray detector
Highlighting optically dense objects
Adjusting the contrast of strongly absorbing objects Inverting images
Gamma–correction of images
Optimizing the overall contrast
Coloring substances with atomic numbers from a selected range
Pseudocoloring of images
Displaying organic objects with atomic numbers equal to 7, 8, and 9
Displaying substances according to a selected range of signal strength
Zooming images up to 96x
Automatically saving X-ray images in archive
Browsing the image (JPEG format) archive
Copying images on external storage media
Threat Image Projection (TIP)
Counting inspected baggage
Real-time self-diagnostics


◙ Wide range of threat detection from guns to 1/2 cutter blade
◙ Excellent discrimination of personal metal effects
◙ 60 localization zones (20 vertical x 3 lateral) with left, center, and right indication
◙ Met-Identity technology identifies and signals the metal type in real-time
◙ High precision bidirectional counter with automatic re-screening compensation
◙ Random alarm capability programmable from 0% to 100%
◙ Exceptional Immunity to external interference
◙ Standard Interfaces: Bluetooth, Infrared. Other available interfaces: Ethernet, USB

◙ High discrimination and transit flow rates
◙ Quick reset time as short as 0.2 seconds for a high throughput rate
◙ Very high detection speed (up to 50 ft/sec.)
◙ Built-in operational functional verification
◙ One-touch key reading of inbound, outbound, and Security Level Data


◙ Programmable Sensitivity
◙ Extended Continuous Operation Time
◙ Automatic Low Power Mode during Screening Pauses
◙ Embedded Long Life Rechargeable Batteries are renewable energy and wipe out Operation Cost of Alkaline Batteries
◙ Embedded Fast and Reliable Battery Charger: no need of batteries removal
◙ Dedicated Holder acts as Minimum Space Table Stand and Mains connection for Battery Charge
◙ Operator Functions can be standard or customized by the user through PC GUI and USB connection

◙ POWER SUPPLY: 2x AA size NiMH, rechargeable batteries
◙ FULLY CUSTOMIZATION: Optical, acoustic and vibration alarm modes
◙ CONTROL PANEL: 3-level sensitivity selection buttons
◙ DETECTION AND OPERATIONAL FUNCTIONS: Customization via HHMD Configuration tool
◙ OPERATING / STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -40°F to 150°F / -40°F to 176°F
◙ RELATIVE HUMIDITY: 0 to 98% (without condensation)
◙ DIMENSIONS: PD140N: 14.2″ x 3.2″ x 1.6″
◙ WEIGHT: PD140N (with battery): 0.86 lbs



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CONPASS SMART produces great results in Great Britain.

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