Mobile X-Ray Inspection Point Trailer Deployed To Department Of Corrections

Mobile X-Ray Inspection Point Trailer Deployed To Department Of Corrections

CONROE, Texas – Adani Systems, Inc. delivered their Mobile X-ray Inspection Point (MIP) Trailer and the customer couldn’t be more excited. “We were thrilled that ADANI was able to install the CONPASS Dual View with DrugGuard® system into a mobile platform for us.  It combines excellent Image Quality and performance with the flexibility we needed” expressed Offender Drug Testing Manager for Virginia Department of Corrections, Yulonda Wyche.

MIP is the unique industry available solution for bringing X-ray Screening technology wherever necessary. It is a fully autonomous solution, ready to be used immediately upon arrival to any location and is built to operate in all types of weather conditions and under a wide range of ambient temperatures and humidity levels.

The Mobile Inspection Point trailer has full CONPASS DV functionality with independent Full Body and Torso view images as well as automated drug detection assistance software, DruGuard®. It is also fully radiation shielded, ensuring elimination of any risk of irradiation of operator or bystanders. Because each MIP is made to order, it can be completely customized to cater to each facility’s needs.  “ADANI always listens to the customers’ needs and works to come up with solutions that satisfies those needs” said Scott Ortolani, Chief Operations Officer of ADANI Systems. “Virginia DOC needed a “portable” Full Body X-Ray scanner that could be towed to locations and positioned in their desired inspection areas. The MIP Trailer answered that need.”

ADANI has previously delivered a similar Mobile Inspection Point trailer to customs in Denmark and other locations, but this is the first deployment in the United States.  This summer, ADANI is planning a nationwide road tour to display the MIP and hoping to hit almost all 50 states.

ADANI Systems is headquartered in in Conroe, Texas with offices in Alexandria, Virginia and Miami Lakes, Florida. ADANI employs approximately 600 people worldwide and is a leading provider of checkpoint security X-ray solutions, ranging from baggage and parcel, to large high- energy cargo scanning systems.