BV 5030CA

The X-ray baggage system BV 5030CA provides the effective inspection of handbags and small baggage.

The system can be easily relocated without any need for special equipment.

BV 5030CA allows identification of weapons, explosives, drugs, and other dangerous contraband.

Through the use of sophisticated algorithms which target density and atomic number, the BV 5030CA provides operators with a unique threat detection capability.

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Compact size and a light weight The system is a tabletop unit designed for relocation. It can easily pass through 32-inch doorways. It can be installed in a lobby, mailroom, cruise ship, school or any place where space is at a premium. The 5030CA is a small, powerful, relocatable system designed to fit your needs.
Automatic gun detection software Automatic gun detection software can detect standard pistols and revolvers of the small size and weighting minimum 300 g. The automatic evaluation function marks dangerous objects in the images displayed to the operator in real-time mode.
Retractable touchscreen The system is standardly equipped with a convenient touchscreen display that can be folded inside the top cover and locked to avoid interference or damage.
Maximum ease of operation The system can be easily operated. The 5030CA has a comprehensive list of image manipulation features giving the operator the flexibility and precision needed to evaluate each image.
Adaptive cooling system The 5030CA has a smart, quiet and efficient cooling system based on operational demands. This results in a reduction of the scanner noise.
Safety Application of the low radiation dose operation mode - 100 kV – makes it possible in some cases to operate the system without special permit.
Automatic identification of suspicious objects (drugs, explosives) and highlighting of optically dense objects Algorithms used in the software enable automatic highlighting of such objects as weapons, explosives, narcotics, as well as any opaque areas, where dangerous objects may be concealed. These functions improve the efficiency and simplify the operation of the system.
The fault-tolerant configuration of acquisition/analysis workstation The Bag Vision operating software is built on Windows 10 Professional and incorporates all necessary antivirus and malware protections.
Quick start-up and shutdown Due to the new configuration of hardware the system becomes ready for operation within 30 seconds. Instant shutdown of the system is now also possible.
Multilanguage interface The 5030CA has a multilingual interface that includes English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Chinese and any other language on request.
Real-time self-diagnostics Status of key functions and performance is monitored and reported to the operator in real time.
Availability 7 and 3 colors imaging With ADANI’s new 7 color palette an operator can choose whether to use 3 color imaging (organics/inorganics/metals) or 7 color imaging, which is more detailed and enables material discrimination on effective atomic number more precisely. New colors help the operator to stay attentive while working during a long period of time. This improves the performance of the operator and increases throughput.


  • Entry / exit / folding rollers
  • Mobility Cart W/ Wheels & Drawer
  • Operator’s desk
  • Remote operation
  • Two monitor functionality
  • Keyboard operation option
  • Set of test objects
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply