DTP 7500LV

DTP 7500LV is designed for the inspection of containers, trucks, air cargo, and commercial vehicles using high-energy X-ray imaging.

The system is a powerful tool that can be used to identify cargo in compliance with the transportation documents or be used to detect contraband, drugs, weapons, explosives, and other dangerous objects.

Dual energy technology, along with automatic color coding and material discrimination, allows it to distinguish between organic materials, non-organic materials, and metals.

DTP 7500LV includes all necessary sub-systems providing easy, safe operation and a high-performance cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection system.


Innovative drive-thru scanning technology

Due to the innovative scanning technology, the drivers are not subjected to radiation. They can stay in their vehicles during the inspection process, driving them under their own power directly through the scanning area (X-ray generator and detector system or X-ray portal) which provides really high throughput and doesn't impede traffic flow. The system can also provide the screening of the driver's cab if it is required due to the low dosage of radiation emitted

Small footprint

The deployment of the DTP 7500LV needs a relatively small surface area without any special requirements for additional infrastructure.


DTP 7500LV is a compact system that can be deployed and ready for operation within 2-3 days.

Radiation safe for drivers, operators and bystanders

Low radiation dose along with the built in safety system guarantees safety for vehicle driver, bystanders and stowaways.