BV 5030

The X-ray baggage system BV 5030 provides the effective inspection of parcels, small baggage and personal belongings.

BV 5030 allows identification of weapons, explosives, drugs, and other dangerous contraband. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms which target density and atomic number, the BV 5030 provides operators with a unique threat detection capability.

Dual energy imaging of the system provides an industry best available 7 color palette. This provides operators with accurate data to easily identify dangerous objects inside any parcel.

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Automatic identification of suspicious objects (drugs, explosives) and highlighting of suspiciously dense objects Algorithms used in the software enable automatic highlighting of such objects as weapons, explosives, narcotics, as well as any opaque areas, where dangerous objects may be concealed. These functions improve the efficiency and simplify the operation of the system.
The fault-tolerant configuration of acquisition/analysis workstation A special configuration of the operator’s workstation makes its software resistant to viruses and other harmful interference. The system shutdown occurs immediately and safe for the equipment and data.
Quick start-up and shutdown Due to the new configuration of hardware the system becomes ready for operation within 30 seconds. Instant shutdown of the system is now also possible.
Multilanguage interface Including English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Chinese and any other language on request.
User friendly interface The set of self-intuitive tools and settings make it faster and easier for the operator to master the operation of the system.
Real-time self-diagnostics Status of key functions and performance is monitored and reported to the operator in real time.
Choice of 3 or 7 color imaging With ADANI’s new 7 color palette an operator can choose whether to use 3 color imaging (organics/inorganics/metals) or 7 color imaging, which is more detailed and enables material discrimination on effective atomic number more precisely. New colors help the operator to stay attentive while working during a long period of time. This improves the performance of the operator and increases throughput.