ADANI Systems at ACA Show


This January ACA Show will be held at New Orleans, Louisiana.

The American Correctional Association focuses on innovative and dedicated technology for contraband interdiction programs. This exclusive event attracts correctional officers, court officers, IT personnel, jail professionals, law enforcement agents, military personnel, public health professionals and security personnel across the USA.

We are welcoming you at our booth #919 and #1018 during the period from 11 to 15 January.

We will focus on the innovative CONPASS DV with true dual view technology and DRUGUARD 2 - patented automated narcotics detection assistance software. Our team will speak out about relocatable and effective conveyor type X-ray screening system BV M.A.X. designed for fast, effective and contact-free inspection of mattresses and inmates’ personal property.

We look forward to seeing you at ACA Show!