CONPASS in La Nueva Joya prison


Government intends to stop weapons entering La Nueva Joya Prison by placing scanners in there.

After an inmate was murdered in La Nueva Prison, new X-ray security full body scanners will be placed in this correctional facility as an immediate security measure to prevent illegal entry of weapons.

The Ministry of Government reported, that after a man who was detained in La Nueva Joya Prison was killed, these new scanners will be deployed in this correctional institution as an immediate security measure to stop the entry of weapons weapons to the jail.

In an attempt to control the entry of weapons, liquor, cell phones and drugs, among other objects, the Ministry of Internal Affairs declared through its Twitter account that they are determined to fight corruption and all violators will be put to justice.

The man killed on Monday night in the Sector B of the maximum security area was arrested for the case of seizure of $ 2.3 million dollars in an apartment in Condado del Rey.

He was a native of Colón Province and was 41 years old. He was arrested on August 13 and indicted on money laundering charges.

This measure being taken may provoke the possibility of an adverse reaction that the Government will invest millions of dollars in the purchase of these scanners, since it is proven that the problem within the correctional facilities is due to the fact that the same custodians ask for money and permit the entry of weapons, and even allow the celebration of parties.

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