ADANI Systems Open Letter


Open Letter to Existing Customers, Potential Customers, and our Competitors

March 21st, 2018

First, I want to say thank you to our 300+ customers who have selected ADANI Systems, Inc. for your X-ray security screening needs. We appreciate your business, your references, and your input on future development of our product lines. As you know, ADANI is an innovative company who listens to our clients and we work hard to create solutions which make your facilities safer and easier to operate.

Your requests for a SMART integrated solution has not fallen on deaf ears. We have customized our line of full body scanners with new features from wireless communication to networking with your jail management systems. We have integrated a wide variety of biometric devices and camera systems. We have made numerous revisions to our patented DruGuard® detection software. If you are currently benefiting from these advancements, we applaud your vision and commitment to the use of this technology. If you are not, we invite you to call on us as your partner and we will evaluate your equipment for upgrades/enhancements free of charge.

To our potential clients, we appreciate the efforts you will take to find the best solution for the best value. The market place can be confusing, especially when researching high-tech imaging devices. Even if you ultimately don’t buy from us, we are committed to insuring your experience with ADANI Systems is positive, informative, and honest. We encourage you to evaluate your options and source the best solution to accomplish your goals of a threat and contraband free facility. It’s our privilege and pleasure to showcase our solutions and we are confident in their abilities.

People have said there is no greater praise or accomplishment than to be copied. ADANI is the patent holder of full body slot-scanning X-ray technique and in the last 17 years approximately 1000 body scanners have been deployed on 6 continents. Our competitors have aided in the adoption of this technology and it has now become mainstream in correctional institutions throughout the United States. ADANI continues to focus on innovation and product development to distinguish our solutions from all others. ADANI’s technical innovations and progressive developments represent the future. It’s this kind of forward-thinking that drives ADANI’s success. It fuels our creativity and inspires our development. It reaffirms the commitments we’ve made to our customers and the passion with which we conduct our business.

Racers most often break records when competitors are on the track and the world of high-tech security solutions is no different. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on new technology that will add to ADANI’s competitive advantage.


Scott Ortolani

Chief Operating Officer

ADANI Systems, Inc.