DruGuard Patent


Conroe, TX, April 10, 2017 - ADANI Systems, Inc. announced today that it has received U.S. patent protection for DruGuard™, an automated software detection feature to aid operators of CONPASS full body scanners in identifying internally concealed narcotics.

"We're pleased that following successful deployments of this unique software aid, ADANI customers can now benefit from DruGuard to enhance their checkpoint security operations with CONPASS SV and CONPASS DV," said Scott Ortolani, ADANI's Chief Operating Officer. "We are committed to ongoing development and innovation to our market leading CONPASS fully body scanners".

Deployed at approximately 300 correctional facilities in the United States, ADANI's full body transmission X-ray technology is the industry's leading solution for safe and effective personnel screening. The more than 700 units deployed world-wide insure threats and contraband both on and in the human body are identifiable to security personnel.

Headquartered in Alexandria, VA with offices in Conroe, TX and Miami Lakes, FL, ADANI employs approximately 500 people world-wide and is a leading provider of checkpoint security X-ray solutions ranging from baggage/parcel to large high energy cargo scanning systems.

To learn more about ADANI Systems, Inc., please visit the Company's website at www.adanisvstems.us. ADANI uses its website as a channel to distribute information on upcoming tradeshows, customer success stories, and new product information.


US Patent No. US 9,576,219 B2