ADANI Systems, Inc. is the original developer and patent holder of Transmission X-ray Full Body Scanners. U.S. Patent # 7,016,473, B1

L-Shaped Detector and Beam Geometry

ADANI holds patents for CONPASS and CONPASS DV as well as the screening method they utilize to generate X-ray images. The L-Shaped or folded array allows CONPASS to feature a shorter length and therefore smaller footprint. The overhead detectors found in the top of the archway allow CONPASS to product better images of the head as compared to a linear array. CONPASS requires 44sqft of floor space which is 10sqft smaller than the nearest alternative.

Robust Design allows for thinner X-ray Beam

The annual radiation dose limitation per ANSI/HPS 43.17-2009 is 250uSV per 365-day period. CONPASS’s robust design and extremely ridged frame allow the unit to be Ultra-Finely collimated thus producing the industry’s thinnest X-ray beam output. The use of a thinner X-ray beam allows CONPASS to maximize the use of available X-ray photons and produce a far superior X-ray image will less radiation. In an “apples to apples” comparison at any given radiation dose rate (but especially those @ 1.0uSv and below) CONPASS produces the industry’s best X-ray image as outlined by CONPASS’s 40AWG resolution performance.

Dual View Imaging from Different Horizonal and Vertical Angles

As with aviation style baggage scanners, there is tremendous value in creating X-ray images from two different angles. CONPASS DV maximizes this concept with nearly a 54° vertical angle difference, and approximately a 5° horizontal offset. This maximizes the operator’s ability to detect very small contraband such as razors or drugs.

One Chassis for All your Needs

CONPASS is designed to be used in single view or dual view modes at the click of a button. The value protection design allows for an upgrade path from single view to dual view and countless software enhancements. Remote or local image analysis on a 24-40” touchscreen and integration with most jail management systems makes CONPASS the most versatile full body screening systems available. Incorporation of fingerprint readers, barcode scanners, Passport/ID scanners, facial or retinal scanner are all possible on the CONPASS Windows 10 PRO 64-Bit operating system. New solutions for networking multiple CONPASS together to share data, images, and accumulated radiation dose for all individual scanned as well as reporting capability for all operators give the CONPASS platform a best in class advantage over all other designs.

Patented DruGuard™

DruGuard is the first of it’s kind and ONLY available automatic detection software for Transmission X-ray Full Body Security Scanners. DruGuard is unique in its algorithm processing ability to detect internally concealed narcotics. DruGuard is designed keep the operator engaged in the image analysis process while providing specific tools such as probability of detection and location of detected narcotics. Extensive reporting features of DruGuard allow supervisors to review operator performance as compared to that of the software. DruGuard requires operators to mark suspicious images and DruGuard overlays separate detection boxes to distinguish between automated and manual detection. DruGuard features data input ability which allows it to “learn”. Simply by using the software, operators are assisting in increasing the sensitivity and decreasing false alarms.

ADANI Smart Detection

Safe and Secure

CONPASS and CONPASS DV use radiation safety shutters to control the emittance of X-rays. This allows the system to perform a “warm-up” procedure on the X-ray generators. This component operates at 160,000 volts and conditioning or warming it up prior to use is an integral technique to maximize its life expectancy. Without a safety shutter mounted to the X-ray generator, a warm up can not be conducted with emitting X-rays. CONPASS features a built-in dosimeter housed inside the shutter which records the effective X-ray dose of each view (full body & torso). CONPASS measures the X-ray output and records this reading for each scan.

CONPASS uses a very stable platform which features a soft start and stop algorithm to allow for a fast (6.5 seconds) but uniquely smooth scan. The platform uses a stainless-steel screw drive mechanism, not belts, chains or a conveyor. The 6 urethane wheels ride on stainless steel tracks and deliver an industry best 661LBS capacity. The entire platform is IP65 rated to protest again liquid “accidents”.

CONPASS is secured to the floor using eight concrete floor anchors. This insures the finely adjusted X-ray beam stays perfectly aligned.

Continuous Evolution

Since inception in 1999, CONPASS has undergone nine (9) generations of improvement. The current version of CONPASS incorporates nearly 10 years of U.S. Correctional customer feedback. Now being produced in the United States, CONPASS offers best in class value AND the industries best imaging performance. EasyData2™ improves on data collection, reporting, and user interface while the newest DruGuard software features expanded detection zones and improved accuracy.

Recently ADANI has been recognized by CIO Applications magazine as one of the TOP 10 leading Machine Vision and Imaging Technology Solution Providers 2018.


Global X-Ray Screening Systems Market 2018 Analysis Report lists ADANI Systems among the world’s top 3 most influential X-ray screening manufacturers. https://apexmarketreports.com/Heavy-Industry/X-Ray...