EPR Spectrometer SPINSCAN X

A compact and affordable X-band EPR/ESR Spectrometer with sensitivity and resolution parameters comparable to large systems



ADANI’s SPINSCAN is small, compact and easy to handle and maintain EPR/ESR Spectrometer and it is appreciated by both novice and experienced users.

The SPINSCAN X spectrometer, intended for EPR spectra recording in liquid or solid phases to detect paramagnetic species or free radicals. It can be used for a wide range of applications in various fields of science and technology (in physics, chemistry, biophysics, geology, medicine, etc.).

The main distinctive features of bench top EPR/ESR Spectrometer SPINSCAN X are a compact design of electromagnet and microwave bridge. The instrument’s sensitivity and resolution can only be bettered by systems many times its price and size.

SPINCSAN X Specifications

TEMPOL in water:

SPINSCAN X Tempol in water

Perylene in H2SO4:


The electromagnet supplied with the SPINSCAN X system features three-inch diameter pole caps which provide a field up to 7000 Gauss. The pole caps are shimmed to provide a homogeneous magnetic field over the entire sample area of the cavity. The reduced magnet gap of 1 cm results in homogeneity equal to a 4 inch of a larger magnet. The electromagnet has effective air fans system as well as the water cooling radiator is available as option and would still recommended due to its high efficiency.

The microwave bridge provides an extremely stable frequency and power output from 0 up to 40 dB with a reliable solid-state Gunn oscillator, operating at approximately 9.4 GHz. The resonance frequency, the phase, and the bias are automatically adjusted whenever the sample is changed. The upgraded MW bridge tuning system of SPINSCAN X model has better reproducibility and allow to vary and optimize the auto- tuning time for selected type of samples easily by user. The tuning can be performed by operator manually as well.

The integration of logarithmic RF power detector into system allow to set up and control the MW power with the accuracy +/-0.2dB.

ADANI’s SPINSCAN X uses a rectangular TE 102 microwave cavity with a center frequency of approximately 9.35 GHz and an unloaded Q of 5000. Its variable iris aperture matches a wide range of sample holders and Dewars, with a maximum diameter of 11 mm.

The magnetic field in the cavity may be modulated up to 10 gauss peak-to-peak at 100 kHz but there is a choice of magnetic field modulation from the range 10 to 250 kHz.

Built-in frequency counter makes the g-factor calculation automatically and its value is displayed after the measuring is completed.

No need to think now about the gain value – due to a broad signal channel dynamic range the signal amplitude will scaling at one scan for the maximum signal-to-noise ratio that we can achieve.

The SPINSCAN X ESR/EPR is provided with a fully computer controlled system including a comprehensive software package e-Spinoza for acquisition and processing data.

Due to its high quality and low cost, the SPINSCAN X is an ideal instrument for routine measurements in any laboratory, especially for education and postgraduate research. Utilizing additional options and a scripting programs, the spectrometer can become a high quality research instrument for development of its commercial applications in medicine, pharmacology, and in food control, dosimetry, and control of petroleum products and in other industries.