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ADANI Systems is the security industry leader since 2006, providing advanced technology, innovation, and the best quality Security devices for X-ray imaging, body scanners, Drug detection, BAGGAGE scanner, and Parcel scanning, forensics, and the medical industries worldwide. At ADANI Systems, scientists and software developers are constantly researching, developing, and manufacturing hi-tech, science-based equipment to deliver X-ray imaging solutions for today's security challenges.


We offer capable and highly innovative solutions to meet checkpoint security professionals' needs in corrections, aviation, and critical infrastructure. We use US sourced components and quality globally sourced parts to build products in our Texas headquarters. Throughout the assembly process, components and subcomponents are installed, verified, and inspected to ensure the lead time and reliability in the final delivered solution.


ADANI Systems is committed to delivering quality products with the best performance, reliability, and value. Our Sales team operates with honor and integrity backed up by our in-house Service Department. Security and detection technology is changing, and ADANI is inspiring some of that change.

The ADANI Systems Advantage

PATENTED TECHNOLOGY – ADANI holds patents for body scanning technology, dual view body scanners, and the industry's only automatic detection capability – DruGuard.

INNOVATIVE DESIGNS – We create imaging and interface features that make our products intuitive and easy to use. These include seven color imaging on Bag Vision X-ray machines, touchscreen capability across all product lines, EasyData software to track all scans, and more. Our designs often allow for upgrade paths in both hardware and software.

EXPERIENCE – ADANI is the industry leader worldwide and in the US for full-body scanning X-ray systems. With over 700 successful installations, our proven performance technology is proven to perform in many applications. Our medical imaging experience crosses over into security and allows us to engineer safe and reliable X-ray products with outstanding performance characteristics.

CUSTOMER-CENTRIC – ADANI's products evolve with our customer's needs. We improve, refine, and bolster our products through continual development, our ability to service them, and our consultative approach to make sure you choose the best solution to fit your needs.



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Successfully installed and supported in the US. Experience in X-ray imaging technology and body scanning. Leading Machine Vision and Imaging Technology Solution Providers 2018


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