Weld jail acquires new body scanner to check for contraband


The Weld County Sheriff’s Office received this week a first-of-its-kind body scanner, which was installed at the Weld County Jail to greatly reduce the risk of contraband entering the facility.

Jail deputies received training Wednesday on the ADANI CLEARPASS, a high throughput body scanner designed for the corrections, transportation and border protection professions. The unit is similar in design to what travelers encounter at Denver International Airport.

However, the ADANI CLEARPASS features innovative software that recognizes threats and utilizes a color-coded system to highlight for a deputy various contraband including electronic devices, dangerous items such as weapons and drugs, and other items not belonging to the human body a new inmate might try to sneak into the jail.

Although ADANI has scanners operating in 80 different countries, the Weld County Jail is the first entity of any kind in the world to receive the CLEARPASS system.